Design Tips

Wax seals are meant to look hand made and unique.
You will never pour the wax and press the seal exactly the same each time which effects the appearance of the actual seal you produce, although with a little practice you will get great results. 
Wax seals cannot produce photos, very small small text, or very fine details and lines correctly.
Minimum text size should be 4mm tall and lines should be no thinner than .75mm spaced a minimum of 2mm apart. 
This means that fine lines closer than 2mm apart, may become one line and text smaller than 4mm will be hard or impossible to read.
We recommend that you take the above into account when designing your seal. 
Round borders are not always necessary as the edge of the seal automatically makes a circular border when pressed into the wax.
Not including an additional border in your design will increase the available space for the contents of your seal.
If you are not sure if your design will work, just attach it to your order in the order form and we will make suggestions on what will work correctly and email you a proof.
There are no extra charges for us to create or modify artwork.

If you are still unsure, just call us on 1300 76 96 86, 9am to 4pm Mon to Friday and we will be happy to help